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Mr Ruraru’s Yard

Puppet and its Double (Taiwan)

9/22, 11 AM, Hilltop Montessori, Brattleboro tickets
9/22, 2 PM, Hilltop Montessori, Brattleboro tickets

This contemporary Asian company brings a Japanese children’s book to life in an evocative piece about an old man who tries to keep his backyard tame and free of nature and its critters. A story for family audiences told entirely without words, but with delight and joy, and a sensory feast for people of all ages. The animals, all made from abstract pieces of driftwood, finally win Mr. Ruraru over, of course. He sees that, first of all, nature belongs in a garden, but also, that he learns to delight in nature.  By getting to know nature, he discovers what it is and why it is wonderful.

Puppet and its Double Theater is recognized as one of the most iconic theatre companies in Taiwan. Known for bringing contemporary puppet theater to Taiwan, their work bridges worlds by blending contemporary puppet forms with recognizably Taiwanese cultural identity and their original design and their choice of stories.

Throughout the performance, I was truly amazed by the talent of the actors. Telling a story without words is not an easy task, but they managed to not only impart their message but also make the whole performance hilarious and entertaining.

– The Ubyssey