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Romeo and Juliet

Theater Waidspeicher(Germany)

9/19, 8 PM, NEYT, BrattleboroTickets
9/20, 8 PM, NEYT, BrattleboroTickets

Based on the play by William Shakespeare
Music by Sergej Prokofiev
Directed by Christian Georg Fuchs
Set and Puppets by Axel Jirsch
Costumes by Kerstin Micheel, Axel Jirsch
Performed by Kristine Stahl, Karoline Vogel, Paul Günther, Martin Vogel
originally a production of Theater Naumburg

A remarkably original production of Romeo and Juliet that dispenses with words, and is not a ballet, but rather musical theatre with puppets! The piece begins seconds before the tragic ending: Juliet awakes from her deathly sleep in the tomb, and in a half-trance relives the story of her love for Romeo, and further experiences events she knew nothing of before.

The happiness and the fate of the lovers are shown in dreamlike images, to the music of Sergei Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet. Anna Fülle as Juliet interacts with marionettes, rod-puppets, and mixed-method manipulated puppets. Sometimes she plays with them, sometimes they with her. She has to watch helplessly while families murder each other, or she lives through again the most wonderful moments with the man of her dreams. A great variety of angles on a strong basic idea throws unexpected new light on the classic love-story.

Romeo and Juliet has won the Acting-Animation Creativity Award of the 9th International Puppetry Festival LUTKE 2008 in Ljubljana/ Slovenia and became second in the category Audience Award.

“it‘s not possible to establish a more subjective and empathic perspective on this story.”