The Festival

Puppets in the Green Mountains:
Opening the Doors

September 20-23, 2018

Every couple of years the little town of Brattleboro,Vermont welcomes puppeteers from around the world. To the delight of the national puppetry community and local audiences alike, Sandglass Theater’s, Puppets in the Green Mountains Festival has become Southern Vermont’s premier puppetry attraction, drawing a diverse audience from all corners of New England, Quebec, New York City and beyond.

Sandglass is excited to announce the 10th edition of the International Festival in Southern Vermont, September 20th-23rd, 2018. This year’s festival, titled Opening the Doors, builds directly upon the themes introduced during the 2015 festival, Walking to the Borders, which focused on issues of immigration and humanization. The upcoming festival features an impressive array of companies hailing from Wales, Taiwan, Canada, and around the US, whose performances aim to foster a spirit of inclusivity and play to both children and adult audiences. From a stirring performance by a mixed ability cast that takes a timely look at disadvantaged in today’s society, to Sandglass Theater’s own breakout piece that delves into the complicated issues of the refugee crisis, this year’s festival highlights stories of inclusivity and equity. The festival offers an invitation to open our doors, to listen and engage with the world of experiences around us.

This year, Sandglass Theater is working closely with a variety of local partners and community leaders to present expanded programming, which aims to foster meaningful conversation around the performances. The audience is invited into an immersive exploration of this year’s themes through participation in accompanying workshops, community dialogues, keynote speakers, puppet slams and an array of other exciting events!

This is a Festival designed for everyone, offering points of entry and engagement across many fields of interest. The festival features a well-balanced lineup for both family and adult audiences, including top-quality productions for the theatrical enthusiast, compelling entertainment for the culturally curious and meaningful engagement for the social activist.

Sandglass Theater is also thrilled to announce our first partnership with the Puppeteers of America Regional Festival: PuppetHomecoming, which brings professional puppeteers, students of puppetry and puppetry fans into our area for the full experience of attending shows, running and participating in workshops, involvement in community dialogues and celebrating this unique art form and the community that practices it!

Since 1997, this signature festival has become deeply embedded in the local community. With consistent, world-class programming, Sandglass has partnered local schools, social justice organizations and community businesses. Puppets in the Green Mountains also connects our guest artists to the local population through homestays, meals hosted by community members and other meaningful celebrations.

This 10th edition of Puppets in the Green Mountains presents work that can speak to every person’s experiences, and that share a world of infinite creative possibility. By melding both festival performances and community-wide discussions, Sandglass seeks to underscore the powerful importance of the arts’ role in addressing and inspiring personal engagement with national and international issues from a community level.

Funding for the Puppets in the Green Mountains Festival was provided in part by The Clowes Fund, The Bay & Paul Foundation, The New England Foundation for the Arts, Puppeteers of America, The Thomas Thomson Trust, The Vermont Arts Council, The Vermont Community Foundation, The Windham Foundation, Taipei Cultural Center, Chroma and the Brattleboro Savings & Loan. and local supporters and sponsors.

Find out more about how you can get involved and help support this year's festival here.