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El Patico Feo

Teatro de las Estaciones (Cuba)

 9/17, 11 AM, Latchis Mainstage, Brattleboro (School Show)
9/20, 11 AM Tickets
9/20,  3 PM Tickets
Hilltop Montessori School Auditorium, Brattleboro

Concept and Visual Idea by Ruben Dario Salazar and Zenen Calero
Performed by: Karen Sotolongo, Ivan Garcia, Maria Laura German, Francis Ruiz
Voices: Fara Madrigal, Migdalia Segui, Freddy Maragotto, Yerandy Basart, Ruben Dario Salazar
Puppets and Set Design: Zenen Calero
Choreography: Liliam Padron
Props construction: Yamina Gibert
Directed by Ruben Dario Salazar

The Award-winning Teatro de las Estaciones (Theater of the Seasons) presents Hans Christian Andersen’s story of The Ugly Duckling, full of Cuban rhythm, color, and passion for life!  Like the name of the company itself, this production features the dances of the seasons, and the little duckling’s passage through the year, to emerge as the the Swan it truly is!  And what a Swan!

Coming from Matanzas, the heart of Cuban music and poetry, Teatro de las Estaciones has toured internationally throughout Latin America and Europe, also performing at the Jim Henson Festival of Puppets in New York in 2008.  Led by Director Rubén Darío Salazar and Designer Zenen Calero, Las Estaciones has created work for young audiences since 1994,  has produced eleven editions of Cuba’s most renowned festival of puppet theater, and remains in the vanguard of the puppet theater movement in Cuba.  Housed in a lovely theater in historical Matanzas, Teatro de las Estaciones is a national cultural treasure, and its creators among Cuba’s most beloved artists.