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Seeing Louis Riel with My School: A Social Story

Going to a Puppet Show and being in the audience:

Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Stage Show

I will drive or walk to the Latchis Theater with my class.

After parking I will walk along main street and through the front glass doors of the movie theater.

I will see the festival director, Shoshana in the lobby and she will greet us and guide us towards the theater.

I will see ushers and I will see other kids coming to the show. We will all enter a large room with beautiful statues and painting on the ceiling.

I will sit down on cushioned chairs. There will be lots of other people sitting in chairs waiting for the show to start.  I will be part of the audience.

I will wait for the show to start, just like everyone else in the audience.

Shoshana, the Festival Director will announce the show with a welcome. She will be standing on the front of the stage.  Her voice will be loud enough so that everyone can hear her.

Shoshana will introduce the festival, and the actors of RustWerk Theater, and thank the people that helped the show to happen.

During the show I will hear music.  I will see different actors in costumes acting out the story of “Louis Riel”. I will see puppeteers animating flat cutout paper puppets. I will see colored lights shining on the stage. I will hear some French spoken as well as English text.

The show will be fun and I might want to laugh sometimes. There will be a few gun shots that are part of the story. The actors will act out different emotions such as anger, happiness, sadness and triumph.

The show will last 70 minutes.  At the end of the show the actors will bow and I will applaud which is another way of saying: “Great job!” to the actors.

I will leave with my class and teachers. We will then drive back to school.