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sandglass.webSandglass Theater is driven by a dedication to artistic excellence in the productions of our ensemble and by a spirit of inclusivity in the presentation of diverse guest artists and community events. Sandglass is inspired by a love of puppetry and live performance, engagement with local and international community, and respect for audience.

Our mission is to sustain an artist-driven theater with an emphasis on advancing the development of puppetry as a unique and unusual theater form that embodies the human experience. Sandglass creates new work, engages in challenging collaborations, presents thought-provoking and responsible art, hosts other artists to promote the art of puppetry and expose our audiences to diverse styles and traditions, teaches our process and traditions, and cultivates a fire to create and to keep on creating.

Since our founding in Germany 1982, Sandglass Theater has created more than 20 world-class touring productions that have played in theaters and festivals in 26 countries. These productions have garnered awards, including seven Citations of Excellence from UNIMA (the international union of puppeteers), critics’ awards, festival first prizes, a Jewish arts award, and the Vermont Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts. As an artist-driven organization, presenting enhances our opportunities to engage with our local southern Vermont community, and to help create an exchange between our community and other communities around the world.

Since opening our theater in Putney, Vermont, in 1996, Sandglass has presented eight international festivals of puppet theater, with performing companies from eastern and western Europe, Japan, Cambodia, Israel, Australia, and South America. The festivals have included performances, workshops, local food events, lectures, panel discussions, and even larger than life Ostriches taking over downtown Brattleboro. We have also presented eight years of our Voices of Community series; each residency of the series has been a week-long, featuring artists whose work addresses issues of race, gender, disability, and social justice. This series earned Sandglass an invitation to join the National Performance Network. NPN partners with us on funding these residencies and connects Sandglass to a national dialogue about Arts Policy. In recent years, Sandglass has also initiated a series of puppet theater events for family audiences (the Winter Sunshine Series), and for emerging artists (the New Visions Series). We have also produced five weekends of wildly popular community events in the Hayward Gardens in neighboring Westminster West.

As a performing and touring company, we are currently engaged in two projects that integrate art and social issues. Our production of D-Generation, An Exaltation of Larks, which looks at the creativity in people with late-stage dementia, is touring nationally, under a grant from the National Theater Project, administered by the New England Foundation for the Arts (with lead funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation). We are also engaged in a collaboration with Teatro Luis Poma of El Salvador on a production of Nathan the Wise, a project that looks at the interrelationship between Muslims, Christians, and Jews, and resonates internationally as well as locally in El Salvador, where, in the view of the Luis Poma artists, religious intolerance is again on the rise. We hope to tour this collaboration in the US in 2016.

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