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Hullaba Lulu

Thingumajig Theatre (England)

9/19, 11 AM Tickets
9/19, 3 PM Tickets
Hilltop Montessori Theater, Brattleboro.

An eccentric couple travel their strange monochrome world in a quirky land-boat, until their lives are turned upside down by a new arrival — the adorable and colourful Lulu. In her ever-changing forms, Lulu teaches the couple all about love, play and eventually, how to say goodbye. Entertaining, joyous and poignant, the show features exquisite puppetry, live music and songs.
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El Patico Feo

Teatro de las Estaciones (Cuba)

(School Show) 9/17, 11 AM, Latchis Mainstage, Brattleboro
9/20, 11 AM Tickets
9/20, 3 PM Tickets
Hilltop Montessori School Auditorium, Brattleboro

The Award-winning Teatro de las Estaciones (Theater of the Seasons) presents Hans Christian Andersen’s story of The Ugly Duckling, full of Cuban rhythm, color, and passion for life! Like the name of the company itself, this production features the dances of the seasons, and the little duckling’s passage through the year, to emerge as the the Swan it truly is! And what a Swan!
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Hooray for Hollywood (Film)

Raven Kaliana (England)

9/17, 8 PM, 118 Elliot, Brattleboro
No advance tickets. Admission with suggested donation at the door.
A powerful film that utilises spare compositions and expressive handmade tabletop puppets to represent experiences of sexual exploitation and human trafficking from a child’s vantage point, using implicit rather than explicit means. Stark and deeply moving, this film was created to raise public awareness of these crimes, providing insight to anyone with an interest in protecting children.  
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Gala Opening

9/11, 5:30 PM, BMAC, Brattleboro Tickets

A festival needs a Gala – a way to open a wonderful week of performances, workshops, dialogues, and special events with the exuberance and celebration that ring in the world of talent and the importance of engagement. Join us for this first evening, including the opening performances of Magali Chouinard’s La Femme Blanche and Paul Zaloom’s White Like Me, plus wonderful savory and sweet bites and drinks in the perfect atmosphere of the Brattleboro Museum and Arts Center.
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Workshop: Theater of Trash

Paul Zaloom (Los Angeles, CA)

9/15, 7-9 PM, 118 Elliot, BrattleboroRegister

A very exciting opportunity to learn from the world-reknowed puppeteer and object theater luminary, Paul Zaloom! In this workshop participants will be introduced to the world of object theater. They'll then be guided through performance techniques and explore who to create work using everyday household items and found objects as characters and set pieces.
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Keynote Address by Erik Ehn

(Providence, USA)

9/12, 11 AM, BMAC, Brattleboro
Free and open to all
Erik Ehn is a playwright, and Director of Writing for Performance at Brown University. Recent work includes Soulographie, a set of seventeen linked plays on genocide, written over a 20 year period, and produced in marathon at LaMaMa, 2012 with the cooperation of theaters from California, Minnesota, NYC, France, Uganda, and Poland.
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Brown Bag Lunch Interviews

All at BMAC, Brattleboro No advance tickets, $5 suggested donation at the door
9/12, 12:30: Paul Zaloom and Christal Brown
9/13, 12:30: Alejandro Benitez Cuellar and Shura Wallin
9/19, 11:00: Ruben Dario Salazar
9/19, 12:30: Kimi Maeda and Julie Lichtenberg
9/20, 12:30: In Progress: Natan El Sabio

During the course of the festival, Brattleboro’s Jon Potter will conduct four lunchtime interviews with pairs of artists and activists for social change.  Come hear the artists speak about the relationship of their work to the issues that move them to create.
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Landmark College Speaker Series

Green Valley Samaritan: Shura Wallin

(Arizona, USA)

9/14, 7 PM, Landmark College, Putney
Join us at Landmark College for Shura Wallin's talk about the work of the Green Valley Samaritans, who have been helping in the efforts to deliver humanitarian aid and education to migrants along the Mexico-Arizona border.

This event is paired with Magali Chouinard's La Femme Blanche at 6:30pm