La Femme Blanche

Magali Chouinard (Quebec, Canada)

9/11, 5:30PM, BMAC, Brattleboro; paired with GALA 
9/13 7:00 PM, NEYT (outdoors), Brattleboro;
9/14, 6:30 PM, Landmark College (outdoors), Putney, paired with Landmark Speaker Series

Performed by Magali Chouinard

La Femme Blanche is a creation of Magali Chouinard,
Visual and poetic performance with puppets and mask
Without words.

La Femme Blanche is a presence acutely sensitive, a visual poetry where the silence touches the soul and tells the beauty of the deep solitude and self relationship.

In a series of living pictures, this character at the same time adult, child and old, wolf and crow will reveal her parts of shadows and lights.

Magali Chouinard is a multidisciplinary artist. The female body, movement, presence and interiority lie at the heart of her poetic and visual research. Twenty years of exploration – drawing, sculpture, installation art, performance and writing – have been converging since 2008 towards the art of puppetry and its ability to bring movement to her visual landscape. Her theatre of images is both unique and striking.

With La Femme Blanche, Magali takes a tender look at how solitude can be a special place, a place where we can discover and rediscover ourselves. By daring to be silent, to move slowly and deliberately, and by Steering away from a linear narrative, she empowers her visual poetry. She captivates and moves her audience with a succession of images and allegories.

“The puppets here are used to explore the world of visual and performance arts. We were charmed by the objects that emerged from Magali Chouinard’s large suitcase: there’s a poetic flair about The White Woman, an outdoor performance that nurtures an oddly ambiguous atmosphere that we hope you will have the chance to experience for yourself.” -Michel Bélair, Le Devoir (September 24, 2012) 

Once again, objects possess a soul!