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Made of Paper

Trudi Cohen and John Bell of Great Small Works (Boston), Facto Teatro (Mexico) & Barbara Steinitz (Germany)

9/13, 11 AM Latchis Ballroom, BrattleboroTickets
9/13, 3PM Latchis Ballroom, BrattleboroTickets

Performed by John Bell, Trudi Cohen, Alejandro Benítez, Antonio Cerezo, Armando Tapia & Barbara Steinitz

Three countries meet on one small stage.  Great Small Works from New York meets Facto Teatro from Mexico and Barbara Steinitz from Germany to present three pieces of small theater made of paper.  Facto Teatro’s Don Chico with Wings, is a funny tale of a man who decides he needs to reach the sky. Based on a story by Mexican writer Eraclio Zepeda, it is a story of ingenuity, creativity, surrealism and human adventure which tells, that for some, the sky is limit. From Great Small Works’ repertoire, Trudi Cohen and John Bell bring Lyzer the Miser, a great Isaac Bashevis Singer short story about miserliness and generosity. And Facto Teatro teams up with Barbara Steinitz for Duraznos Azules (Blue Peaches), based on a Mexican tale in which eight-year-old Pedro wants to find out why the peach tree in grandmother’s garden is producing blue peaches. But the adults always give him the same answer: “There are no blue peaches, boy.”

Paper Theater, also known as Toy Theater, is a unique form of puppetry.  Simple. flat paper figures evoke grand worlds, as they did centuries ago in the living rooms of European homes.  Toy Theater has enjoyed a revival and, indeed, a grand development among today’s puppet theater artists…