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The Underneath the Above Show

Bread And Puppet Theater (Vermont, USA)

9/12, 3PM, Living Memorial Park, Brattleboro Tickets

Vermont’s own Bread and Puppet Theater will take up residence and transform the landscape of Brattleboro’s Living Memorial park with an evocative new spectacle event. Join us for an unforgettable afternoon of larger-than-life pageant-style puppetry by one of the most iconic and internationally celebrated puppet companies of our time.

Bread & Puppet Theater is based on a large farm in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. It was founded by Peter Schumann, German born artist-dancer, in 1963, and for the next decade his giant puppets figured prominently in anti-Vietnam-War demonstrations in New York City, Washington DC and other cities in the US and abroad. Indoor performances were both simpler and more complex, ranging from quiet, intense masked shows (“Fire”, “Man Says Good-Bye”) with 4-6 players, to huge, lengthy spectacles (“Cry of the People”).

In 1970, an invitation from Vermont’s Goddard College to be theater-in-residence, facilitated a longed-for change to country life. “Our Domestic Resurrection Circus,” an outdoor festival of music, art, puppetry and pageantry, began then, and ran almost every summer, growing to crowds of tens of thousands, until 1998. Since then, a smaller (but with giant puppets intact), more dispersed version continues on Sundays in July and August; the company continues touring and workshopping in the rest of the year in New England and around the globe; and Schumann continues as director and artist–and breadbaker–with a vengeance!