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A Big Thanks!

Sandglass Theater is celebrating the completion of our 9th Puppets in the Green Mountain Festival, where we presented inspiring theater to over 3500 people, including about 900 school kids, over 10 days of a wide range of events. We could not have even begun planning this festival, let alone produced so many shows, interviews, talks, and other events, without the tremendous help and support of many people, groups, organizations, businesses, and foundations.… Read the rest

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Honoring Peter Schumann

This year’s Puppets in the Green Mountains festival: Walking to the Borders featured 10 days of theater and dialogue all dedicated to ideas of social justice and exploring the concept of “us and them.” The idea of using puppetry to explore, expose, and critique issues within our society is of course timeless, but one man has really carried the torch and plowed the way for a generation of American puppetry specifically geared to tackling our countries most difficult issues: Bread and Puppet Theater’s Founder and Artistic Director, Peter Schumann!… Read the rest

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