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D-Generation: An Exaltation of Larks

Sandglass Theater (USA)

9/13, 8PM, NEYT, Brattleboro Tickets
9/18, 8PM, NEYT, Brattleboro Tickets
D-Generation: An Exaltation of Larks is a full-length theater piece based on stories written collaboratively by groups of people with late-stage dementia. The work is performed by three puppeteers (the caregivers) and five puppets (the residents of a care-facility). Set to a compelling original score and striking animated video segments, D-Generation takes us into a world that is all too much a part of our lives.
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Kimi Maeda (USA)

9/16, 8 PM, Sandglass Theater, Putney Tickets
9/18, 8 PM, Sandglass Theater, Putney Tickets
9/19, 8 PM, Sandglass Theater, Putney Tickets

Using sand as her canvas, Kimi Maeda transforms image after image, combining live feed projection of these drawings with archival footage to tell the story of her father Robert Maeda's relationship to modernist sculptor Isamu Noguchi. As dementia gradually overtook Maeda’s life, his daughter, Kimi, was inspired to take on the task he started decades ago, exploring the life of Noguchi in relation to his (and her) own personal history.
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Romeo and Juliet

Theater Waidspeicher (Germany)

9/19, 8 PM, NEYT, BrattleboroTickets
9/20, 8 PM, NEYT, BrattleboroTickets
A remarkably original production of Romeo and Juliet that dispenses with words, and is not a ballet, but rather musical theatre with puppets! The piece begins seconds before the tragic ending: Juliet awakes from her deathly sleep in the tomb, and in a half-trance relives the story of her love for Romeo and further experiences events she knew nothing of before.
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The Underneath the Above Show

Bread And Puppet Theater (Vermont, USA)

9/12, 3PM, Living Memorial Park, BrattleboroTickets

Vermont's own Bread and Puppet Theater will take up residence and transform the landscape of Brattleboro's Living Memorial park with an evocative new spectacle event. Join us for an unforgettable afternoon of larger-than-life pageant-style puppetry by one of the most iconic and internationally celebrated puppet companies of our time.
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Made of Paper

Trudi Cohen and John Bell of Great Small Works (Boston), Facto Teatro (Mexico) & Barbara Steinitz (Germany)

9/13, 11 AM Latchis Ballroom, BrattleboroTickets
9/13, 3PM Latchis Ballroom, BrattleboroTickets
Three countries meet on one small stage. Great Small Works from New York meets Facto Teatro from Mexico and Barbara Steinitz from Germany to present three pieces of small theater made of paper.
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La Femme Blanche

Magali Chouinard (Quebec, Canada)

9/11, 5:30PM, BMAC, Brattleboro; Paired with GALA
9/13 7:00 PM, NEYT (outdoors), Brattleboro;
9/14, 6:30 PM, Landmark College (outdoors), Putney
paired with Landmark Speaker Series
A visual and poetic puppet and mask performance using puppets and masks. With La Femme Blanche, Magali takes a tender look at how solitude can be a special place, a place where we can discover and rediscover ourselves. By daring to be silent, to move slowly and deliberately, and by Steering away from a linear narrative, she empowers her visual poetry. She captivates and moves her audience with a succession of images and allegories.
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Hullaba Lulu

Thingumajig Theatre (England)

9/19, 11 AM Tickets
9/19, 3 PM Tickets
Hilltop Montessori Theater, Brattleboro.

An eccentric couple travel their strange monochrome world in a quirky land-boat, until their lives are turned upside down by a new arrival — the adorable and colourful Lulu. In her ever-changing forms, Lulu teaches the couple all about love, play and eventually, how to say goodbye. Entertaining, joyous and poignant, the show features exquisite puppetry, live music and songs.
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El Patico Feo

Teatro de las Estaciones (Cuba)

(School Show) 9/17, 11 AM, Latchis Mainstage, Brattleboro
9/20, 11 AM Tickets
9/20, 3 PM Tickets
Hilltop Montessori School Auditorium, Brattleboro

The Award-winning Teatro de las Estaciones (Theater of the Seasons) presents Hans Christian Andersen’s story of The Ugly Duckling, full of Cuban rhythm, color, and passion for life! Like the name of the company itself, this production features the dances of the seasons, and the little duckling’s passage through the year, to emerge as the the Swan it truly is! And what a Swan!
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Hooray for Hollywood (Film)

Raven Kaliana (England)

9/17, 8 PM, 118 Elliot, Brattleboro
No advance tickets. Admission with suggested donation at the door.
A powerful film that utilises spare compositions and expressive handmade tabletop puppets to represent experiences of sexual exploitation and human trafficking from a child’s vantage point, using implicit rather than explicit means. Stark and deeply moving, this film was created to raise public awareness of these crimes, providing insight to anyone with an interest in protecting children.