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A Hunger Artist

Sinking Ship Productions (USA)

9/21, 8 PM, Next Stage Arts Project, Putney tickets
9/22, 8 PM, Next Stage Arts Project, Putney tickets

Once cheered by thousands, the Hunger Artist is now forgotten by everyone except his one-time manager. What begins as a simple nostalgic story transforms into a startlingly inventive trip into the nature of memory, art, performance, and spectatorship, as told by the only person who remembers an artist whose act was simply… to hunger.

A man sits alone in a cage, starving himself for your entertainment. This darkly comic, visually-striking adaptation of the Franz Kafka short story uses physical theater, Victorian miniatures, puppetry, and a set of simple props to support a powerhouse solo performance. This brilliant and celebrated adaptation of Kafka’s novel throws light onto the extent of self-deprivation that a person or artist will go to, in order to survive and the phenomenon of spectacle that we as audience consume, exploit and forget.

Beautifully imagined… full of heart… unfolding with ingenuity… It left me mentally and emotionally sated.

– Culturebot

Boisterously funny and chokingly sad… through pure showmanship it defies expectation at almost every turn.

– Blogcritics

Visually Arresting!

– The New York Times