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A Big Thanks!

Sandglass Theater is celebrating the completion of our 9th Puppets in the Green Mountain Festival, where we presented inspiring theater to over 3500 people, including about 900 school kids, over 10 days of a wide range of events. We could not have even begun planning this festival, let alone produced so many shows, interviews, talks, and other events, without the tremendous help and support of many people, groups, organizations, businesses, and foundations.

Our deep thanks and appreciation go out to:

All the artists, technicians, and support people, who work for well below their usual rates to be part of this festival;

Theater Waidpseicher, Thingumajig Theatre, Teatro de las Estaciones, John Bell, Trudi Cohen, Barbara Steinitz, Facto Teatro, Kimi Maeda, Bread and Puppet Theater, Paul Zaloom, Christal Brown, Julie Lichtenberg, Shura Wallin, Scott Ainslie, Jon Potter, Cherie Panek, Valeska Populoh, Jen Cleary, Finn Campman, Nick Keil, Sabrina Hamilton, Jay Gelter, Gemma Seymour

All the venues that not only made their facilities and staff available, but made us feel so very welcome, enabling us to program festival events with the least stress possible;

New England Youth Theatre, Latchis Theater, Brattleboro Museum and Art Center, Hilltop Montessori School, 118 Elliot, Landmark College, Sandglass Theater, Living Memorial Park.

All the local businesses that supported the festival through advertising and donations, and by displaying puppets in their shop windows:

Red Hen Bakery, Tavernier Chocolates, Putney Mountain Winery, Superfresh Organic Cafe, Grafton Village Cheese Company, Brattleboro Food Coop, Green Mountain Orchards, Arissara Thai Cuisine, Hannafords, High Meadows Farm, Top of the Hill Grill

All our funders and donors, whose large and small contributions and unflagging support made the festival possible:

The Clowes Fund, National Endowment for the Arts, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Fresh Sound Foundation, Vermont Community Fund, ArtPlace America, Next Stage Arts Project, Vermont Arts Council, National Performance Network, Landmark College, William Menezes, Whetstone Station, Chroma Technology Corp, New Hampshire Public Radio

All the kind and hard working volunteers, who did everything from parking cars and putting up posters to making and delivering meals, many of whom have done so for countless Sandglass events over the years; without their work, the festival would have been a smaller, less well organized, and much less fun event:

Matt Livingston, Sasha Bratton, Nancy Clingan, Katheen Vetter, Max McCready, Elizabeth Cohen, Jennifer Jacobs, Shana Frank, Wayne Lauden, Howard Fairman, Nancy Shepherd, Mary Beth Berberick, Jean Davis, Barbara Lee, Bethan Kanapell,
Vivian Woodland, Karen Blanchard, Tom Griffith, Leslie Turpin, Cynthia Houghton, Elizabeth Tannenbaum, Peter Falion, Calvin Rae

All the community hosts, who very generously housed and feed all the festival artists and technicians:

Nancy Shepherd, Mara Williams, Leslie Turpin and Tom Griffith, Shram Bhanti, Christopher Irion, Jennifer Irion, Patty Whalen, Jon Julian, Crager and Sue Boardman, Bari Shamas, Phil and Susan Wilson, Claire Wilson, Sue Breary, Scott Ainslie and Barb Ackemann, Harriet and Burt Tepfer, Alan Steinberg and Linda Sturgeon, Linda Rubinstein and Chip Greenberg, Ted and Elena Dodd, John Field and Jane Katz, Putney School, Shana Frank, Eva Mondon 

Sandglass’s fabulous Board of Directors, who engaged in every aspect of festival planning and presentation:

Sharon Fantl, Coni Richards, Tom Howe, Nancy Eddy, Francesca Bourgault, Mark Bluver, Sue Boardman, Susan Hessey, Jessa Rowan

And to anyone we may have missed in this list!

And to all the members of our wonderful community who came out to see shows, take part in discussions and celebrations, and share their energy and opinions.

This festival is dedicated to all of you!!

All our love and thanks,

-Sandglass Theater